Innovative. Versatile. Effective.

Active people know that along with the pros of exercise come the cons of injury. Therawheel provides proven relief and aids healing for common injuries. It is perfect for self use, as well as by clinicians.

A key to effective recovery is multi-directional, deeper and more isolated penetration of muscles. Therawheel’s unique construction — which includes a tapered wheel and solid 1.75 pound weight — allows for targeted soft tissue mobilization. In other words, you can immediately feel the Therawheel working on the affected areas. Used in conjunction with other therapy regimens, Therawheel gets you back in action quicker than therapy alone.

What makes Therawheel different than other products?
High on the list is its incredible versatility. You can lie on it (like a lacrosse ball). You can roll your muscles (like a roller). You can use the tips for trigger point therapy (we don’t know another tool that offers that option, too). The wheel’s unique edges can be utilized to push and pull muscle tissue in different directions. And that’s just for starters. Learn more.

Designed by former Indiana Pacers athletic trainer Tom Jennings, the Therawheel is a game changer in the world of injury recovery.

Therawheel has become a great addition to our therapy and rehab tools at Butler University Sports Medicine. We have used it with great results on a wide variety of our athletes. From our national qualifying cross country runners to our back-to-back Final Four basketball team, Therawheel is a product that we have used to get our athletes better and keep them competing successfully at the highest level!
Ryan Galloy, MA, ATC, CSCS, Head Athletic Trainer, Butler University

Newcomer Product of the Year

Therawheel was selected as a finalist for the new manufacturers’ recognition program called the TRE-Mendous Awards for Product Innovation at the 2012 Running Event. Entries for Newcomer Product of the Year pitched their products in front of Daymond John from NBC’s hit series “Shark Tank.”

Therawheel has a 60-day unconditional guarantee. If you want, you can even try it before you buy it.